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Who we are


Prince Mobile Company was founded. by Mr. MURTAZA ALI MANSOORI in the year 2008 in Kota - Rajasthan to repair and service mobiles and tablets. The company later focused on best quality Accessory Sales along with Mobile services of Smart phones, Tablets, iPods and laptops and finally diversified into an Institute to conduct courses to impart knowledge on the areas that it seemed to excel.

Now Prince Mobile has become a reputed cell phone repair service company with a chain of outlets and service centers spread all across Kota - Rajasthan.We offer everything with the latest in Technology to take care of your Cell Phone and Laptop Repairs. Prince Mobile is a one stop destination and your reliable gadget care centre for

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We can come to the rescue when disaster strikes with your mobile phone, with our exceptional mobile phone repair service. We not only fix basic phone faults like software, speaker & charging faults, we also fix more problematic faults like physical damage covering all software and hardware problems with our technically qualified and experienced technicians.


The important invention in the human history, the wheel is invariably listed with fire as the greatest technical achievements of the Stone Age. With this Invention, started the process of evolution of Technology, triggering a long line of electronic and electrical inventions. From then on till today, we have been enjoying all of technology pleasures like Mobiles and all other gadgets without which it has become difficult to survive.But do we appreciate these Technology advancements, in line with our environment. Rapid technology change, low initial cost, and even planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast-growing surplus, which contributes to the increasing amount of electronic waste around the globe. Recycling cell phones results in significant environmental benefits including reducing greenhouse gases and harmful metals from our landfills.So our Mission is to be a major recycler considering the electronic waste a "rapidly expanding" issue. We are working with our highest Mission to reduce electronic waste by ways of Recycle, Refurbish and ultimately make re-usability of phones an end to end reality. With this in mind it is our constant Endeavour to offer the highest degree of customer satisfaction to all our customers and bring the best experience for them when they have a troubled time with their gadgets


Prince Mobile vision is to provide best service to customers and through their keen interest on our service we build Prince Mobile core value.

  • First priority is customer satisfaction.
  • Compliance to Standard on Quality.
  • Valuing each moment of truth with Customers.
  • High respect for Human Value & Ethics.
  • Reduce electronic wastes.
  • To make comfortable with their mobile.
  • Reliable in accessory quality& Service.
  • Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.